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careersAMITA employs and subcontracts highly talented professionals who share our commitment to quality, trust and reliability. We offer permanent employees the opportunity to become involved in and impact on important, mission-critical work for clients. We offer ongoing training, professional development, and health and dental benefits.


AMITA provides project-based opportunities for motivated employees and subcontractors. We are on nationwide SBIPS, TBIPS, and THS through Government of Canada standing offers and supply arrangements and we also have long term relationships with various Government of Canada agencies and departments giving us access to a variety of contract work and longer-term projects. Our employees and subcontractors enjoy challenging assignments and an alliance with a caring organization. Our team maintains regular contact with subcontractors and works with them to secure new and exciting opportunities.


As an employee or subcontractor, you will have the opportunity to work with AMITA’s large portfolio of emergency management and public safety and security clients, participating on projects that range from impacting Canada’s transport safety to agro-terrorism to defense and counter-terrorism measures, and much more.