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Collaboration Systems


Collaboration or Interoperability systems help bridge disparate systems and sources of data into an environment where information can be shared. Collaboration becomes even more critical when you need information sharing with multiple tiers of government.


Innovation brings about ideas that help our customers realize their system capabilities much faster than previously thought. Imagine having the abilities of several collaborating Partners behind you and want to contribute to improve efficiency. Their interests also lie in having the best practices of what the project brings. In many cases the lead customer was more than pleased to have their new system to the hands of others to also use in establishing a common platform for interoperability across the country. AMITA helps forge these partnerships and we have worked as a collaborating systems integrator to evolve your solution rapidly.


SOCIUS/Plus!, AMITA’s commercial off-the-shelf CBRNE incident pattern detection solution is built on the basis of Interoperability. Based on the International Interoperability Continuum, the Europol and 27-member state deployed SOCIUS/Plus! facilitates bilateral sharing of CBRNE incident information across international borders and agencies. SOCIUS/Plus! is designed to accommodate reporting from numerous entities law enforcement, military, regulatory agencies and the CBRNE intelligence community.


SOCIUS/Plus! contains a SharePoint based discussion forum and user alerting functionality to stimulate real-time collaboration with colleagues from across countries, member states and agencies.


AMITA’s has demonstrated expertise within Federal government of creating mission critical applications that enable the immediate sharing and accessing of information between multiple government agencies.