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Data Fusion & BI


Data Fusion (DF) is the process of integrating multiple data streams and databases into a consistent, accurate and useful format for critical decision making. AMITA is well versed in Data Fusion, developing software and adaptive process frameworks that give decision-makers easy access to state-of-the-art data fusion technology, and make it possible for them to design and deploy domain-specific Data Fusion surveillance solutions.


AMITA developed a statistical threat monitoring capability for multiple domains of risk and a technology Data Fusion surveillance framework that overcomes the vertical isolation of surveillance knowledge and analysis tools, support decision-making processes and progresses threat surveillance and situational awareness. Data Fusion surveillance technology impacts all organizations needing ongoing surveillance using multiple data streams.


Business Intelligence (BI) is a methodology with processes, architectures and tools that take data and transforms it into information that can be analyzed for business purposes. Done properly BI can help organizations identify new opportunities or business improvements.


AMITA offers BI expertise in reporting tools and data analysis tools to help deliver business user’s requirements into reports and dashboards while providing contribution in enhancing the reporting models in the BI system. AMITA’s BI expertise includes designing the data structure and technical architecture, BI tool determination, and all program processes to report on business performance.