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Emergency Management

Emergency Resource Information Network


AMITA’s ERIN (Emergency Resource Information Network) is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for resource sharing in emergency situations. Powered by Esri’s ArcGIS technology architecture, ERIN provides emergency response agencies and private actors with the ability to share, track, and contribute resources in emergency situations across jurisdictions.


Most emergency response agencies want to share resources with their fellow responders and citizens in times of crisis. However, organizations have their own lists, formatted and filed differently, from paper-based to electronic records.

Emergency Sourcing, Procurement, Loan/Lending, and Tracking

ERIN provides responding agencies with an overview of resources (both material and human) in any given region to rapidly deploy and share equipment, from EM kits to certified teams to vehicles, across any disaster area.

  • Contribute, search, and track crisis-specific resources from personnel/teams, vehicles/aircraft/vessels, and supplies/materiel
  • Classifies emergency resources based on capability, availability, and proximity with search and tracking capability
  • Streamlined interface for loading and searching for specific assets in ERIN
  • Open and extensible: contributing agencies across all levels of government as well as private-sector contributors access the same database of resources, regardless of internal filing systems
  • Integrates Esri’s powerful ArcGIS architecture for a total overview of responding and contributing agencies across geographic and regional boundaries, with real-time tracking of resources

Planning and Response

Emergency management is as much preparedness and planning as it is response to emergent situations. AMITA’s ERIN with ArcGIS allows agencies to:

  • See the preparedness level of whole regions across responding agencies
  • Engage in capability-based planning: establish readiness metrics, assess response capabilities, surge capabilities, and see the overall readiness levels of a region
  • Coordinate responses for maximum efficiency: practice networked resource sharing, multi‐agency collaboration, and real‐time resource tracking

This readiness-response planning allows agencies to fully understand their capabilities and the capabilities of contributing agencies around them for maximum response efficiency in the saving of lives, resources, and infrastructure.

Industry-Leading Implementation and Support

AMITA’s ERIN is backed by AMITA’s own proven track record in emergency management, and by the powerful backbone provided by our partners, Esri and Microsoft, as well as the feedback provided by our government partners.


ERIN leverages:

  • Esri’s powerful ArcGIS platform, distilling vast quantities of geographic information into analyzable, digestible, top-down overviews
  • Your own infrastructure. Choose your own cloud provider (such as Microsoft Azure or AWS, a government-accredited or owned private cloud, or an on-premises install) for redundant, highly-secure cloud-based computing for maximum on-demand scalability and elasticity
  • AMITA’s ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification (since 1996)

This trio of technological and quality control capabilities allows governments to confidently approach emergency management situations with the knowledge that all agencies across all levels of government, as well as the private sector, will be able to contribute, share, and track needed emergency resources.

Proven Emergency and Crisis Response Solutions

AMITA has decades-spanning knowledge in emergency management. We’ve covered crisis operations, technical incident management, CBRNE solutions, bomb incident systems, and mass casualty response.


AMITA has:

  • Over two decades of AMITA’s experience in providing crisis response operations solutions to government
  • Extensive experience in the emergency management markets, providing vital solutions to governments out of the box
  • Ongoing partnerships with Esri, Microsoft, and global government partners facilitating continuous feedback and refinement of our solutions

AMITA’s long-standing partnerships with Esri and Microsoft are driven by a joint design philosophy of continuous product growth to adapt to rapidly-shifting real-world scenarios and the need for real-time solutions.