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Emergency Management

Emergency resource information Network

Currently, most emergency organizations manage their emergency resources individually. Organizations will have their own resource lists, each formatted differently and stored in a wide array of mediums, ranging from paper-based logs to sophisticated inventory management systems. There is not a great deal of inter-agency integration, nor is there a consolidated view of emergency resources across a region or country. This increases the challenges of resource sharing in the event of an incident.


Emergency Resource Information Network (ERIN) is an innovative public safety and security solution that assists with the emergency resource management process. ERIN creates a solution to allow a means of sharing critical emergency resources. ERIN classifies emergency resources based on capability, availability, and proximity with a search and tracking capability. ERIN was developed by AMITA along with a community of practice made up of federal, provincial and municipal agencies.


ERIN Datasheet (PDF)
ERIN profile in Canadian Risk and Hazards Network (CRHNET) newsletter, HazNet (PDF)