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OC Portal

OC Portal

AMITA’s OC Portal (Operations Coordination Portal) software is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for collaboration in emergency response. Powered by Esri’s ArcGIS technology architecture, OC Portal provides total situational awareness to collaborating agencies.


Our OC Portal software is extensible, scalable, and available in both a cloud-based Software as a Service model or on-premise install. ArcGIS powers the geographic informational needs of municipal, regional, and national governments, making it easy to integrate into existing government agencies.

Collaborate, Coordinate, and Communicate

OC Portal provides governments with command centre coordination and inter-agency collaboration through:

  • Centralized system management for information dissemination and management of the virtual incident coordination room through government cloud implementation
  • Subsites configured for individual agencies to manage internal contacts, lists, and to control information dissemination
  • Agency- and jurisdiction-agnostic geographic information powered by Esri’s ArcGIS with extensibility through Esri’s ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World and ArcGIS Desktop extensions
  • Procurement budget-friendly COTS software with on-demand SaaS delivery means more emergency funding diverted to resources and logistics, not customized software development and installation
  • Unparalleled uptime and disaster resilience through secure SaaS

Strategic, operational, and tactical coordination are meshed seamlessly in multi-agency critical incident response. At the operational level, governments receive a standard toolset and interoperability through a common platform for situational awareness, geospatial visualization, records management. At the tactical level, information and updates from command teams and responders are efficiently shared through mobile hardware such as phones or tablets, or laptops.



Total Situational Awareness

OC Portal’s ArcGIS engine gives real-time geographic situational information for emergency management:

  • Between municipal, regional, and national levels of government
  • Between multiple agencies, jurisdictions, and portfolios
  • Across all levels of emergencies, from small, to medium, to large
  • Dynamic layers overlayed onto common basemaps
  • Multiple information sources (GIS layers, drone feeds, geotagged social media, etc.)

Flood view in OCP taking information from situation reports and social media

This enables an all-of-government response that is scalable to the emergency, and fully able to integrate any participating agencies or levels of government.


The ArcGIS-powered OC Portal brings together first responders, rescue and public health services, law enforcement, military, and civilian agencies, as well as private-sector contributors, for maximum coordination in times of crisis.


Each actor and top-level decision maker can fully visualize where others are operating, maximizing response efficiency and minimizing wasteful overlap.

Industry-Leading Implementation and Support

AMITA’s OC Portal is backed by AMITA’s own proven track record in emergency management, and by the powerful backbone provided by our partners, Esri and Microsoft, as well as the feedback provided by our government partners.


OC Portal leverages:

  • Esri’s powerful ArcGIS platform, distilling vast quantities of geographic information into analyzable, digestible, top-down overviews
  • Your own infrastructure. Choose your own cloud provider (such as Microsoft Azure or AWS, a government-accredited or owned private cloud, or an on-premises install) for redundant, highly-secure cloud-based computing for maximum on-demand scalability and elasticity
  • AMITA’s ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification (since 1996)

This trio of technological and quality control capabilities allows governments to confidently approach crisis ops situations with the knowledge that all agencies across all levels of government, as well as the private sector, will be able to contribute to full awareness of the situation with minimum overlap and maximum efficiency.

Proven Emergency and Crisis Response Solutions

AMITA has decades-spanning knowledge in emergency management. We’ve covered crisis operations, technical incident management, CBRNE solutions, bomb incident systems, and mass casualty response.


AMITA has:

  • Over two decades of AMITA’s experience in providing crisis response operations solutions to government
  • Extensive experience in the emergency management markets, providing vital solutions to governments out of the box
  • Ongoing partnerships with Esri, Microsoft, and global government partners facilitating continuous feedback and refinement of our solutions

AMITA’s long-standing partnerships with Esri and Microsoft are driven by a joint design philosophy of continuous product growth to adapt to rapidly-shifting real-world scenarios and the need for real-time solutions.