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A CBRNE incident challenges law enforcement organizations and responding agencies to improve on the level of internal preparedness in order to better respond and prevent such CBRNE threats and to be able to communicate and share information in real-time across agencies and departments. Interoperability in an emergency situation is paramount to responding and handling a situation properly; law enforcement organizations and first responders need to effectively share information with others in a timely fashion.


SOCIUS/Plus! is commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software that captures highly technical overviews of incidents involving the terrorist/criminal use of CBRNE materials against critical infrastructure, persons and agri-food targets. The product provides a capability, not available within many agencies around the world, to enter and share a vast number of incidents amongst a large community of responders. SOCIUS/Plus! is designed to accommodate reporting from numerous entities such as law enforcement, military, regulatory agencies and the CBRNE intelligence community. SOCIUS/Plus! contains a SharePoint-based discussion forum and user alerting functionality to stimulate real-time collaboration with colleagues in country and across international borders. SOCIUS/Plus! creates a new capacity to share CBRNE incident information in near-real time.


The EU Bomb Data System (EBDS) is an installation of SOCIUS/Plus! deployed at Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency. Based on the International Interoperability Continuum, EBDS facilitates bilateral sharing of CBRNE incident information across the 28 EU member states and other countries.


SOCIUS/Plus! Brochure (PDF)

EBDS Europol 2011

EBDS Press Release

EBDS Profile on CBRNE World



Commercial Explosives Identification Tool (XIT) is a commercial explosives identification information management system that aids in the sharing of explosives identification data. It provides first responders with a tool that can be used in the field to immediately identify originating commercial explosives products based on examining explosives product fragments. This improved capability helps mitigate threats and improves interdiction. Additionally, XIT provides users with interactive training and assessment material as well as additional resources. The training material consists of two courses that utilize both text and images to educate users about (1) the classification of explosives, and (2) the components of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The assessment material consists of a quiz based on two scenarios adapted from real-world events to help users practice component identification. The additional resources included in the application consist of information on organizations with classification materials.


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