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Esri Silver Partner

Esri silver partner

AMITA is proud to be an Esri Silver Partner. Esri’s core philosophy—The Science of Where™—is at its most critical in emergency management situations. Lives, resources, and infrastructure all depend on it. That’s why Esri’s ArcGIS forms the backbone of AMITA’s emergency management tools, ERIN and OC Portal.


Esri’s ArcGIS software offers emergency operations management:

  • Real-time mapping collaboration and geographic information and spatial analysis.
  • Predictive analytics: trace the path of lava flows, smoke plumes, flood waters, etc., in emerging crises.
  • Extensibility through the Living Atlas of the World for ArcGIS Online and plug-ins for ArcGIS Pro.
  • SaaS delivery of ArcGIS Online to minimize bottlenecks during surge demands and keep costs low during low-demand times.

Esri’s proven abilities in distilling big data into digestible analyses makes leveraging the massive quantities of information during emergencies intuitive rather than overwhelming. It provides a complete picture for maximum situational awareness. Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery provides elastic computing for cost-effective, on-demand scalability of computationally intense data demands that evolve as with the situation without requiring more server installations prior to a situation.


Governments adopting AMITA’s emergency response software powered by Esri’s ArcGIS technology architecture are given unparalleled abilities to facilitate multi-tier, all-of-government collaboration of resource and logistics deployment and analysis.