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Customer Support Center


Integrated. Immediate.

AMITA provides a 24*7 support and maintenance offering for production systems and application development that covers resolution of problems, as a well as the provision of advice on a range of business integration, training and other matters. AMITA’s Customer Support Centre service offering is an online technical support portal ( with fully automated email response and Ticket ID.


AMITA’s Customer Support Centre offers a single point of contact to:

  • Receive service requests and prioritize them with the business stakeholder;
  • Perform diagnostic procedures such as information gathering, troubleshooting and problem reproduction, determine initial diagnosis, and resolve;
  • Determine the required course of action;
  • Escalate when required;
  • Conduct trouble ticket (problem reference number) follow-up;
  • Submit enhancement requests (i.e. code changes, product enhancements, etc.) to development.


AMITA can also provide options for 24 x7 Enhanced Support on an as requested basis to deal with urgent circumstances.


First Line – Customer Primary Point of Contact

  • End Users on Customer Site will send Issues to their AMITA Primary Point of Contact; who will filter Incidents to AMITA Support Centre

Second Line – AMITA Support Centre

  • AMITA receives incidents from the Customer Primary Point of Contact (or their delegate) via Web, email, phone, or fax contact capabilities
  • Support Centre performs Incident Verification & identifies potential resolution

Third Line – AMITA Development or AMITA Professional Services

  • Incidents, once recreated and deemed to be a Problem/Defect, are passed to Development for fix in a future release (timing depends on the severity of the problem found)


  • Any incidents not followed up on in time or are critical are escalated by the Support Centre to the Support Centre Manager and Portfolio Manager


Support Centre performs Incident Verification & identifies potential resolution.