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Technology Lines

Technology Lines

At its core, AMITA is a technology adaptor. AMITA does not approach a client or a problem with a specific technology environment or platform already in mind. AMITA examines each scenario uniquely and develops a solution foremost before selecting the technology.

AMITA leverages but is not bound to the following technologies:

  • Microsoft
    • SharePoint
    • SQL
    • .NET
    • Dynamics
  • Open-Source – MySQL, Apache Tomcat and ADS, Hibernate, Spring Security Framework and Transaction Management
  • Oracle
  • Cognos/IBM – Business Intelligence
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – ESRI
  • Mobile & Handheld Solutions
  • Infrastructure run : Private Networks, Cloud SAAS, IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi, Unix, Linux, and Windows

Microsoft Certified Partner: AMITA has been a certified Microsoft since 1992, incorporating several Microsoft technologies and expertise into our software development and solution offerings.