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IT Services Overview
Since 1985, AMITA has been providing highly qualified and motivated IT professionals and teams to the Government of Canada that deliver value and satisfy client expectations. AMITA has a full range of high end technology specialists, business analysts, industry experts, facilitators, and project managers.  The majority of our consultants hold advanced degrees and have extensive IT industry-specific experience.  Many of our consultants are renowned experts in their respective areas of specialization.  The breadth and depth of AMITA’s corporate experience, combined with the experience of our resources, positions AMITA as a company with unparalleled access to a wealth of intellectual capital, experience and knowledge.  AMITA knows how to leverage our corporate knowledge for all of our projects, large or small, throughout the lifecycle of our client engagements.


We find and field experienced candidates, including those with the highest levels of security clearance, who are motivated by the opportunity to play an integral role in the development of front-line systems and solutions. They share our commitment to quality, trust and reliability and they are governed by our practical approach to service delivery and quality management.


AMITA is very experienced at providing IT Professional Services using Supply Arrangements such as SBIPS and TBIPS, as well as task authorizations against Standing Offers, including filling expedited requirements with a 48-hour turnaround time on Task Authorizations.


Contract Management Practices


With our extensive background in managing IT professional service requirements, and our experience with major projects for government departments, AMITA has developed a robust contract management framework.  This framework is used by AMITA to manage all contractual agreements. AMITA’s contract management structure has proven both efficient and effective because it:

  • Ensures compliance with client’s requirements as defined in the bid solicitation documents.
  • Ensures resources meet classification description requirements from Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC).
  • Ensures that management, both Client and AMITA, is regularly informed of the overall progress of the contract.
  • Ensures a single point of contact for the client with an assigned account manager.
  • Ensures fast resolution of any issues that may arise during the contract.
  • Provides effective planning of future resource requirements.
  • Facilitates logistical management of contracts for multiple streams.
  • Prepares for cases where replacement of personnel is required. AMITA  takes full responsibility and incurs additional costs to provide a replacement who shall be of equal or superior ability and acceptable to the client.
  • Leverages Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support managing client relationships.

The overall Contract Management Framework is comprised of five main processes; Task Solicitation, Task Authorization, Contract Monitoring and Control, Performance Management and Task Authorization Closeout.


Quality System 


In 1996, AMITA became one of the first information technology organizations and first in North America to achieve International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification for its software development and customer support processes.


AMITA’s success is built on repeat business and a long standing reputation for quality and client satisfaction. Contributing to AMITA’s consistent high levels of client satisfaction is the company’s ISO 9001: 2008 quality system. The quality system enables AMITA to consistently deliver on time and within budget.


Although often referred to as quality standards, ISO 9000 are actually management standards that describe the critical ingredients to ensure customers are provided quality products and services.


AMITA applies risk management for contracts, whereby risks are assessed continuously and used for decision-making in all phases of the contract.  The functions that are applied in the managing of risks are identifying, analyzing, planning, tracking, controlling, and communicating potential risks.


Additional information regarding Quality Management

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