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A unique AMITA capability is to bring MS Dynamics CRM and SharePoint to emergency operation centres and incident/crisis management for improved information sharing and situational awareness across a community of responders.


Some departments need case information and they need workflow in their crisis operations. Workflow with Dynamics allows departments to have proper information handling and approvals for even simple tasks such as approval to disseminate information up and across to multiple government offices or organizations, or even to track key decisions or engage in the call for assistance.


Today’s ability for everyone to be connected is growing. Mobile devices and the need for an all agency response have changed the way many operators respond and live. People become increasingly dependent on instant messaging and communications that extend to the three tiers of government. MS Dynamics can give these agencies context and insight which drives better decisions and will boost efficiency and productivity. Voice and video are present in social media so the amount of communication is always growing. AMITA and MS Dynamics can help remove barriers for agencies to be connected and extends the reach of collaboration for an emergency event.


MS Dynamics CRM brings support for mobile devices for in-field operators, investigators and even remote field office support. AMITA knows how important it is for in-field operators to have an efficient user interface to carry out their business and AMITA and MS Dynamics can be the catalyst to deliver big data to a mobile user.


AMITA’s background in crisis/emergency management for police and fire and Emergency Operations Centres shows that during a crisis too much information can overwhelm the operator during a response to a catastrophic event. AMITA uses human factors analysis in its solutions and Dynamics can be a service delivery vehicle to Case Management and CRM applications.


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